1. What is your organization’s mission?

To connect communities in Stillwater County with safe/walking/bike trails one mile at a time.

2. What is your organization’s motto?

“We put the FUN in funding trails.”

3. Provide a description of your organization including services offered, who your organization serves, service area, main events, etc.

We are a volunteer, non profit group developed in the fall of 2016 with the goal of raising funds specifically to develop a network of trails throughout Columbus, and eventually other areas of Stillwater County.  Our goal is two part.  To raise funds for safe walking/biking paths, and also to provide a fun event in which people in Stillwater County can participate in while raising the funds.  To date, we have held a haunted house two consecutive weekends in October of 2016 and on April Fools Day of 2017 held our first putt crawl.  Both events met our goals of raising funds and providing a fun event for residents of our area to participate in.  They also provided several area businesses with crowds that enhanced their businesses.

4. What will funds raised through Columbusmtgives.org be utilized for in your organization?

Funds are exclusively used for trails and the development of trails in Columbus and ultimately other areas of Stillwater County