Our Mission

To cultivate a culture of giving so the Columbus community can flourish.

Our Goal

We strive to fulfill our mission by promoting gift-giving, by investing in programs that improve the quality of life in the Columbus Community and by building an endowment that will sustain that passion forever.





Covid Emergency Relief Fund

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Board of Directors of the Columbus Community Foundation was approached by members of the community to determine how concerned citizens and the Foundation may help to counter the economic impact of COVID.  From those discussions, the Foundation established the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund.  Private donors contributed to the fund to enable the Foundation to provide emergency assistance to community members impacted by the pandemic.

The Foundation is dedicated to assist members of the community who have been negatively impacted by the pandemic.  In order to apply for relief, there is a simple application form, which needs to be completed by a local non-profit or church and confidentially submitted to the Foundation for review.

Requests for relief may be made at any time during the week, and will be reviewed by the Board by Friday of each week.  Click HERE to download the Covid Emergency Relief Fund Application. 

Community Catalog

As part of our mission to cultivate a culture of giving in our community, the Columbus Community Foundation has published a Community Catalog to provide a cohesive guide to area non-profit organizations!   The 2020-2022 Community Catalog is available here!