Leading Change

At the Columbus Community Foundation, our Board of Directors embodies the spirit of leadership and service, dedicating their time, talent, and resources to drive positive change within our community. Inspired by the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” our directors volunteer 100% of their time, striving to make Columbus a better place for all.

Meet our Leadership team

  • President: Sydnee Rothwell
    As our esteemed President, Sydnee Rothwell leads with vision and dedication, guiding our foundation towards impactful initiatives and sustainable growth.
  • Vice President: Cory Hamilton
    Cory Hamilton serves as our Vice President, bringing strategic insights and a passion for community development to our boardroom discussions.
  • Secretary: Haley Barker
    Haley Barker fulfills the crucial role of Secretary, ensuring transparent communication and efficient operations within our organization.
  • Treasurer: Zach Kunze
    Zach Kunze diligently manages our finances as Treasurer, safeguarding the foundation’s resources and ensuring responsible stewardship.

Our dedicated team of volunteer board members is committed to creating positive change through serving our community.


  • Marissa Hauge
  • Amy Stadel / Tyler Grover
  • Chris Kapor / Luke Kobold
  • Mandie Martin
  • Mike Delzer
  • Tina DeMasters