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MISSION: The Stillwater Valley Watershed Council will provide an open forum in which all interested parties may work in a collaborative effort to sustain our rural quality of life and protect and enhance our natural resources.  We seek to understand all points of view, come to a common goal and work for practical solutions.  We are committed to research and educating our Valley residents and the public about our watershed and the steps we can take to preserve and maintain the integrity of the river, the land and the beauty of our valley.  As a group of dedicated volunteers, we have received wonderful support from Stillwater County Weed District, Stillwater Conservation District, Stillwater Mining Company, MT Fish, Wildlife & Parks, US Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, among others.  We will endeavor to bring together public, private and government resources, funding, and grants to achieve our goals.

Officially formed in 2010 by local grassroots volunteers with a passion for ensuring the Stillwater Valley remain a pristine watershed, the SVWC aims to maintain the rural quality of life for those who have been lucky enough to have discovered its beauty and benefit to the soul. Realizing there aren’t second chances when it comes to our environment, we emphasize the importance of utilizing the land properly to enhance natural resources so that future opportunities may exist. With efforts focused on encouraging noxious weed control through cost-share programs, funding river assessment projects to identify irrigation structure issues and river health, and sponsoring a major ditch renovation project, the steadfast SVWC board envisions ongoing community education and outreach regarding land stewardship, water rights, and rural living. We will continually endeavor to bring together public, private, and government resources, funding, and grants to achieve our goals.

Funds raised from ColumbusMTGives will go back into the SVWC’s general fund which will go towards future natural resource enhancement projects.

The Stillwater Valley is a wonderful place to live, work and raise a family. Ethel Pelton can affirm this as she watches the 6th generation of Pelton’s work the same land she and her husband raised their family on, “I feel very blessed, not many people have the opportunities that I have had.” The SVWC hopes our programs will enhance the quality of your life just as they have for so many in the Stillwater Valley because we all must realize that the impacts go beyond today.

“We all need somewhere we can go to connect with Mother Nature, but we have to take care of our environment and as long as we can do that we will have a place that is viable for us to enjoy.” emphasizes Clint Branger former Professional Bull Rider and rancher from Roscoe, MT, “Sure bull riding was important to me, but not as important as coming home to my family’s ranch and ensuring an unspoiled landscape that can be utilized and enjoyed for generations to come.”

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