Kid's Club

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Kid's Club Child Care Center

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Shannon Moore

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439 A St

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Columbus, MT 59019

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We know that every child is unique! With that in mind we provide a nurturing daycare/preschool that stimulates each child with a fun and educational curriculum.

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We are ready and equipped, special is our profession!

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Kid's Club Child Care Center was initially established by the Stillwater Community Hospital in 1995. The hospital saw a need in our community for parents, including their staff of nurses and doctors with young families, to receive childcare and preschool services in a facility in which children can feel comfortable and safe. Our caregivers contribute to each child’s physical, intellectual, personal, emotional and social development in a positive manner, being cognizant of child development stages and expectations. In 2008, Stillwater Community Hospital knew of a potential business venture with Billings Clinic, so in anticipation of that venture, Kid's Club was set up to run as its own entity. In doing so, the hospital set Kid's Club up as a non-profit business. Part of our mission is to keep rates affordable while remaining flexible with weekly scheduling options to help accommodate the varying work shifts of the parents in our community's workforce. We currently provide services to 41 families with a total of 63 children, in the Stillwater County area. Those services include daycare for children 8wks to 12 years old; a continuing curriculum Preschool program that focuses not only on Kindergarten readiness but following directions in a large group environment and development of social and emotional skills as well; before and after school care as well as transportation to and from Columbus Elementary; the children get the opportunity to interact with the "Grandma's and Grandpa's" at the Meadowlark Assisted Living complex where they perform songs, hand out their "art creations" along with hugs; weekly field trips to the County Library during the summer months to participate in their Summer Programs; community field trips; fun in the sun at the local pool for the school aged kids and trips to the Stillwater County 4-H Fair.

 What will funds raised through be utilized for in your organization?

Monies raised through will be used to potentially add some fun summer fieldtrips for the school aged children, to replace our existing sleep mats and pillows that are well used, to replace and replenish some of the well-loved toys and activity centers and to possibly purchase some tablets and laptop for a technology center.

Share any testimonials or great stories about your organization and how it enhances our community.

"I would never take my children anywhere else!. Not knowing what our schedule is from week to week, it's nice not having to pay for a "spot" at Kid's Club. We are always accommodated!"

"As a working mom, Kid's Club gives me peace of mind. To know my boys are in a safe environment is comforting. The staff is caring, patient & understanding. Days are filled with fun & educational opportunities."

"When life and jobs changed, I had to consider daycare. Kid's Club opened their arms to my boys & provided a great environment for all the essentials: playtime, making friends, learning manners, and above all being loved."