The Columbus Community Foundation Directors volunteer 100% of their time to be the change they want to see in our community!  They give of their time, talent, and treasures to the Foundation.  The Directors meet monthly to discuss operations, plan programs, and implement change in Columbus.   

President: Marissa Hauge
Vice President: Sydnee Rothwell
Secretary: Haley Barker
Treasurer: Amy Sjostrom
Directors: Ann Davey, Tressie Goddard, Cory Hamilton, Bryan Hess 

Columbus is the place we call home; The place we live, work and raise families. For some, it may be the place we left and have come home to or the place we grew up. Whatever place Columbus is to you; Columbus is a place to be thankful for. The location of Columbus bestows beautiful views, scenery, and recreational opportunities out the back door. This place of Columbus is blessed with solid infrastructure allowing continued growth and supporting a local government, fire department, police department, and postal service. We are thankful for a multitude of employers providing solid employment. Columbus provides for not just one, but multiple parks, a swimming pool, library, and youth center. Our young people are educated in quality schools filled with great teachers and endless extracurricular activities. This place provides for those in need through a local food bank, local government services, and the service of a multitude of churches. A hospital, clinic, emergency services, dentist, chiropractor, home health care, pharmacy, and a mental health center at our fingertips in the midst of any despair. We do not travel for fuel, groceries, diners, auto sales, local news, real estate sales, auto or home repair supplies, veterinary care and feed supply for our animals or local gifts. Insurance and banking opportunities are at our fingertips. We often get lost in the craze of our world and the fears for the future.  When we take the chance to look at the grass on our side of the fence, in Columbus, it is greener.

The Columbus Community Foundation was born out of “Horizons” a poverty reduction program in Columbus. The founders of the Foundation were driven to create a permanent source of funding for our community to serve the changing needs now, and into the future.

What Makes the Foundation Different?

The Columbus Community Foundation hosts a permanent endowment for the Columbus community.  What's that mean?  We are here to stay.  All funds donated toward our endowment are permanent!   An endowment is a donation of funds held in perpetuity for charitable benefit.   As the fund grows, the returned interest is used to support the Columbus Community.    Learn more about how endowments work.

As a qualified endowment in the State of Montana, donors, like YOU, can make the most of your money.  Your donation can actually earn you up to $10,000 in credit on your taxes.  This benefits you and your community.   Learn more about the Montana Endowment Tax Credit.

Board of Directors

The Columbus Community Foundation Board of Directors are volunteers that selflessly give of their time and talent to be stewards of the generous donations that provide grants back into our community, enhancing the missions of the many nonprofits working to enhance Columbus for our youth, our seniors, our neighbors, and our families.